Innovative trade- and matchmaking missions

DITC organizes trade- and/or matchmaking missions to various countries, mainly to Iran. The aim of these missions is not only to inspire, but also to explore the concerning market and most importantly, to introduce you to concrete potential business- and trade partners. Upon request, we are pleased to accompany various companies, organizations and public entities individually during their (first) visit to Iran and/or neighboring regions.

This year, from March 3rd to March 10th 2016, we are organizing a trade- and matchmaking mission to Iran. For more information on this mission, click here.


Events, Workshops & Roundtable conferences

We organize various events and workshops, concerning a wide variety of subjects, for companies and entrepreneurs. Our aim is to inform, empower and enlighten interested parties, expanding their knowledge of the concerning market and providing them with a advantage to build their company around.

Events, workshops and roundtable-conferences are either organized by us individually, in cooperation with other organizations and entities or at your request.

To take a look at what we're up to, click here.